Member Fishing Bios

Member Fishing Bios

Wesley Astheimer - I am an avid outdoorsman, generally involved in hunting, fishing, skiing, whitewater paddling and numerous other activities in which my family and I participate. My love for fishing was engendered in me by my father who also loved the sport. Fly fishing has become a passion for me; whether fishing on my own, with my two sons, or others in this area and outside of it. I have been privileged to do a fair amount of fishing in this general vicinity as well as numerous outings in Central Pa., Montana, Idaho and Belize, where one of my brothers resides. As with so many of these outdoor activities, the game or fish one goes for almost becomes a pretext for putting us in the areas in which these endeavors take place; in wild, secluded spaces full of beauty and serenity. This is indeed the real privilege.


Edwin R. Baldrige III - My fly fishing biography is a rather short one. Ten years ago, after a running accident, I decided to enter the fly fishing world from my previous fishing experiences on farm ponds and small streams in rural PA. It did not go well. My instructor, appropriately named Rod, had a specific way of getting newcomers into the sport. I got completely lost on entomology lessons, my line management was dutifully criticized and his fly selection process required a PhD. I spent more time watching insect videos than time on the water. After ten lessons, I almost packed it in but I decided to try Tenkara fly fishing which promised to “simplify” things. It worked and allowed me to enjoy the aspects of fishing that I enjoyed as a kid, being outside and catching fish. I have since expanded my fly fishing repertoire and now enjoy the entire experience, even the entomology. I look forward to continuing to learn and to enjoy the time on the water.


David Bond - Has been fly fishing for over 20 years and in that time has been very fortunate to have fished not only many states in the USA but also many other countries. Originally from Scotland, David was introduced to the sport of fly fishing at an early age and instantly fell in love with the sport. Fishing the Lochs and rivers of Scotland he fished from grayling, trout and salmon. David fishing on the competition circuit and took team silver last year. In 1998 when David moved to the USA, his first stop was on a ranch in Wyoming. Here he guided both hunting and fishing expeditions and as one can imagine, he loved every minute of it! After a few years of the Wyoming experience David moved to Pennsylvania to explore new water. Whether it’s Brookies or Steelhead, as long as he is in the water ether with a fly rod in his hand David or guiding David is a happy man. David Owns his own guide business, Taught Lines, and has been doing presentations and demonstrations of the fly fishing show to small clubs.


F. Sean Bonner - It seems fishing has always been a part of my life as a result of the influence of my father.  At a very early age I can remember fishing for stocked trout at a local pond with a spinning rod and a can of corn.  As I approached the age of 10 I was allowed to go on saltwater fishing trips with my father from Avalon, NJ.  We fished for Flounder in the bay and mostly Bluefish just a few miles offshore.  By the time I was a teenager I had caught my first Billfish, a Sailfish off of Fort Lauderdale, FL.  My interest continued to be in Saltwater Offshore fishing through most of my teenage and college years.  I made many trips to the Canyons east of New Jersey and I have great memories of loading up on Yellow Fin Tuna and watching my father catch a few White Marlins. My senior year college my father suggested we take a trip to Canada to fish the Miramichi for Spring Salmon on a fly rod.  I had never been fly fishing before and I was quickly frustrated with my fly casting.  However, after a few days on the river my casting improved and when I caught my first Salmon I was the one hooked.  Since then my father and I have taken many trips to Quebec to fish the Causapscol River for Salmon.  I still can feel my first Salmon on this river as if the rod were in my hands today.  It was a 27lb fish the not only put me in the backing but also ran into the pool below which required me to do some rock climbing to land the fish.  I have also been saltwater fly fishing from Cape Cod to the Florida keys.  With a family of my own and three children 10 and under my fishing schedule is not what it once was. However, upon returning from Quebec this past July 4th weekend I had my greatest fly fishing experience.  I submitted to the requests of my two sons, 8 and 4, and I began teaching them to cast a 5 weight in the yard.  After just a few weeks my 8 year old is doing well with the rod and his little brother is not too far behind.  I think some local trout are in our near future.


Blake Chapman - When I was young, I fished quite a bit locally on trout streams and bass ponds near marshallton Pa, about 5 miles west of west chester. I really started fly fishing in high school and became addicted to every aspect of the sport., from tying, to the locales visited, to what is very important to me, the time spent on the water with friends, family and on my own. Spending time sharing and teaching the sport to a close friend or family member is special to me as well as the time fishing in solitude. I love fishing for fresh water trout on the west branch of the Delaware. I am also a huge fan of the tully, valley, w b octoraro, falling, big springs, letort, yell brchs, l Juniata, spring, penns , fishing among others. I am also love fishing the rivers of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado which we were able to enjoy before kids. – and will think about once Emma (7) and Chase(4) get a little older. Our family spends quite a bit of time renting a cabin on the wb of the del during may, june and july. And we pull family & friends together at least once a year to take our pop up camper to the state college area. My wife has been fly fishing since we met about 15 years ago and she shares the same passion for the sport. We also share an interest in tying however with our kids our time on the benches has declined, to almost nothing. But every May I think of a pattern or two that I would like to try on the wb of del and we try to tie a few before our first trip.


Byron Clark - When I was 12 years old my father made me a red white and blue fly rod. We had a summer place in New Hampshire and I used to practice casting with that rod in our driveway in the late afternoon hoping my Father would get the hint and invite me to join him on his evening trip to some pond that only he knew about or so it seemed. Finally the big night arrived, I was invited to join him and I did manage to catch a couple of trout. Since we were fishing from a canoe with my Father paddling in the back I also managed to catch his ear. Mysteriously he never got mad at me for that. Needless to say I was hooked for life on fly fishing for trout because of both the fishing and it was the best time and place to talk to my Father. I enjoy all types of fly fishing but because my time is often limited I target opportunities for dry fly fishing for trout in streams. I go as often as I can get away which is regretfully only 510 days a year spread evenly between PA streams in the Poconos and Central part of the state as well as either Wyoming, Idaho or Montana at least once a year. Because of the above poorly prioritized time allocation I have to settle for talking about it with other interested fly fishing persons which goes a long way towards explaining my interest in joining and spending time with likeminded individuals at The Anglers Club of Philadelphia.


Billy Curran - I have been fly fishing for 20 years, having been first exposed to it in Colorado. After "trying to figure it out" I quickly realized training is required and spent a weekend in Vermont at Orvis' intro fly fishing course. Most of my fly fishing is focused on freshwater, but I look forward to learning the "salt" side of it. I primarily fish in Colorado and Pennsylvania.


William Dewey - When I turned 16, I took a fly tying class in school and loved the art of the fly. Shortly thereafter, my father -a lifetime fly-fisherman himself- gave me a rod and I quickly fell in love with the sport. I believe that I love the solitude of being on the water and trying to outwit a crafty fish in a tricky current line. I believe that I derive just as much pleasure from being outdoors knee deep in a river, as I do when I actually hook a fish. After college, I moved west to Jackson Hole Wyoming where I worked for WorldCast Anglers and became an Orvis Endorsed fly-fishing guide. I spent the next 5 years perfecting my skills and taking all varieties of clients fishing on rivers like the Snake, South Fork of the Snake, Henrys Fork, Yellowstone National Park, the Green, and many other small streams and lakes. I really enjoyed taking clients to fun waters and teaching them the sport that I love. I made the difficult choice to move back east to seek out a different profession this past fall, but managed to bring my drift boat and all my rods. After the luncheon in January, and meeting some very kind and interesting members, I determined that I would like to be a part of the Anglers Club of Philadelphia to continue my passion and share my accumulated knowledge with the group. I am very interested in making it up to the Upper Delaware at the end of this month and finally get back to fishing. Looking forward, I am interested in fly tying. I had the chance to go fishing in Mexico for bonefish and absolutely can't wait to get back to some salt flats fishing in the future. I would also hope for the chance to try out some new waters on the eastern half of the Mississippi and target some new species.


Matt Espe - I’ve been fly-fishing for about 7 years and thoroughly enjoy it. As you know, we have a house in Central Oregon so I’m able to enjoy some high desert streams in additional to the fine fisheries of Pennsylvania. My annual week long trip to Spruce Creek is always a highlight. I’m a member of Trout Unlimited and have attended the Orvis Fly fishing School. My wife, Lori and my two sons Andrew and Patrick also enjoy the sport...we find it a great family activity...with not a little competition. I would like to expand my involvement in the sport and thought that membership in the Angler’s Club would be a great avenue. I’m currently the Chairman and CEO of IKON Office Solutions, recently merged with Ricoh-Americas. We live in Newtown Square and have 4 children...Erin, a junior at Georgetown U....Andrew, a freshman at NYU...Caroline, a junior at The Country Day School of Sacred Heart and Patrick, an 8th grader at The Episcopal Academy.


David A. Eustace - Employment: Chief Operating Officer for D&D Technologies, Sydney Australia. Previous employment: Chief Operating Officer for Dorman Products, Colmar, PA. Education: Masters degree from the Wharton School and the School of Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. Bachelors of Science from the University of Buffalo. Personal: Married with 5 children. Hobbies other than fishing: Coaching my youngest sons in Football and Lacrosse, Shooting Sporting Clays and Hunting, Skiing locally, nationally and internationally. Fishing History: I have fished, Fly or Spin, since I was 5 years old. I fish predominantly Fly and when doing so, use all techniques, Dry, Streamer, Nymph and Tenkara, but predominantly Nymph. Locations I have fished: Locally I have fished Valley Creek, The Poconos, The Delaware, The Schuylkill, Ridley Creek and various small streams and ponds. Nationally I have fished the various flats in Florida, the beaches of Sanibel Island, Florida, Steelhead and Salmon in the tributaries of the Great Lakes, as well as the Great Lakes themselves, The Chesapeake, Alaska and Minnesota. Globally I have fished in Australia, including the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Harbor and Tasmania, New Zealand, Kenya and Canada. Major species caught: Major species caught include several species of Char including Brook Trout, Arctic Char and Dolly Varden, several species of Salmon including Rainbow and Brown Trout, Steelhead, and various Salmon, Stripped Bass, Redfish, various Grouper, Pompano, Mackerel, Snook, Bonefish, Tarpon, Triple Tail, Nile Perch, Trevally, Barracuda, Barramundi, Australian Kingfish, Australian Salmon, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye, Muskie and various and sorted other fishes.  I have Fly Fished for Muskie twice and have not been successful, but was exhausted; try again next August. Future fishing destination goals: Montana for Trout, Amazon for Peacock Bass, Patagonia for Trout, Return to New Zealand for more Trout. Relevant Clubs: The Stretch Hunting and Fishing Club, Blakeslee, PA.



David Grau - My name is David Lange Grau. I was born and raised in Gladwyne PA. I graduated from The Episcopal Academy in 1993 and four years later graduated from Hobart College. In 2001 I founded Strategic Purchasing Group, a business consulting firm based in Newtown Square where I continue to work today. I live in Wayne with my wife Caroline and daughter Paige. My introduction to fishing came at age 5 fishing for Flounder on the back bays in Avalon. Hours spent fishing with my trusty Zebco rod in hand and a bucket of minnows.  While my Mom read her book, every summer I would spend days sitting patiently for the shot at everything from flounder to skate to the occasional crab. Now despite spending four years on the Lake Trout capital of the world, Geneva NY, my first introduction to fly fishing came my Senior winter on a trip to Australia with a stop over in New Zealand. For 5 days two friends and I chased Trout from Auckland down to the South Island and it didn’t take long to get hooked on the feeling of catching fish on the fly rod. Although much of the time was spent spotting the often spooky trout so one of us could get a shot at one, the teamwork and adventure of it all was a constant reminder that it is not catching, but rather fishing, in all its forms, that makes this sport what it is. From that day on I have been fishing everything from French Creek to the Schuylkill in search of trout, small mouth and any other species that will take my flies. After graduating from Hobart, a new now old friend re-introduced me to the joys of the saltwater fishery along the Jersey shore. My once limited view of saltwater fishing; being on dry land with minnows and a weight, turned to being chest deep in the back-bay, stalking popping fish under a full moon in November. I will never forget my first bass on fly. She took a black deceiver and made we work all my at that time limited skills to get her unhooked and off the fight another battle. What a rush! I remember being so excited I could hardly keep a steady hand to get the hook out. I am interested in the Anglers Club because I would like the opportunity to meet people who share the same passion for the sport as I do. To share everything from stories of the latest trip to Valley Creek, to new fly patterns that prove successful. An outlet for people like me who relish the opportunity to spend time talking fishing to people who you know “get it” and won’t look at you strange when you tell them you spent the last 5 hours on a stream, caught and released one 8” brook trout and can’t wait to get after it again tomorrow.


Mike James - One of my earliest memories is of fishing off of my cousin’s boathouse in Maine at about age 6. My older brothers, who were fond of pulling my leg, observed a large fish in the vicinity of my worm and commented on this fact.  I did not believe them until my bobber started gyrating wildly. At about 10, my grandfather gave me my first fly rod and taught me to fly fish in the trout pond he put in at his vacation house. The lake, a stone’s throw from his pond, held large bass and pickerel that were fond of daredevils, hula poppers and plastic worms. We would lob these towards openings in the lily pads from my grandfather’s canoe and hang on to our gear to keep it from being pulled overboard. Around this time I started tying flies, and in a couple of years was selling them in a local store. I tested numerous experimental patterns on the bass in the reservoir and farm ponds within biking distance from my parent’s house in Massachusetts. I still experiment a lot with my flies, and have developed a number which are very effective.  Recently I taught classes in fly tying at the TCO store in Bryn Mawr. When I was around 12 years old, my father purchased shares in a fishing and hunting club that owned 20,000 acres in New Hampshire. The club’s property contained four lakes and a pristine woodland stream full of magnificently colored native brook trout. The difficulty of this last tried the patience of most of the adults, but my brothers and I spent hours stealthily fishing this stream while for the most part avoiding the overhanging brush. Lee and Joan Wulff joined the club a few years later, and Joan gave me a few pointers on my cast. The same year I won the club prize for the largest fish caught that year by a club member. During my high school years we started spending summers on Cape Elizabeth in Maine. My first year there I hooked an enormous striper which went off on a single long run to the end of the line on my freshwater outfit and broke off. This would certainly have been my largest fish to that time, and the experience encouraged me to devote hours to both saltwater fishing and proper preparation of my gear. I have built 3 of my 20 fly rods, tie all of my knots from reel to fly and most all of my flies since that time. I find that this approach is particularly important with respect to saltwater fly fishing where small errors are likely to lead to lost fish.  Since becoming adults, my brothers and I have continued to be devoted fishermen. It has become a tradition between us to hook up for at least one joint fishing trip every year, and there are more frequent solo trips as well. This year I have excursions planned to Pulaski New York for steelhead, Maine and Vermont for brook trout, and Cape Cod for stripers, and blues. Over the last two years I have fished in the Yukon territories for grayling, pike, Inconnu, and lake and rainbow trout, South Andros for bonefish and tarpon, the Delaware for browns and rainbows and Amelia Island for redfish and baby tarpon. I am thrilled by the memories of past trips and by the prospect of others yet to come.


William Janson - My interests include sports, fitness, biking and hiking, fishing when possible, and my 2005 Chevy SSR convertible truck. My wife is also into fitness and sports, but she has developed an interest in older cars and fishing as well.  (She certainly enjoyed catching the bigger fish on a trip out of Key Largo.)  My son is an outdoor-oriented person living in Lake Tahoe and my daughter lives outside Philadelphia. While I have fished most of life, I find trolling and surf fishing to be uninteresting.  Fly fishing is something I have just started to pursue, taking an Orvis class in Key Largo and a beginner's class at the Sporting Gentleman in Media.  My son Larry and I have fly fished the Snake River in Idaho - the guide review: He had seen much better fishermen, but they had poorer results than we did :) .  We also worked the Little Truckee River and the Truckee River with guides.  What great days to be outside and walk some wonderful streams. (My son caught a 22" brown trout while I got to pay the bill.)  Larry and I did the Upper Delaware on days with 20 miles an hour winds, conditions that are too challenging for a novice.  My goal is to work on my skills and then find some situations where I have a chance to be successful.


Ed Jaworowski is an international flyfishing authority.  He has authored four books, is writing his fifth, and served as editorial consultant for another.  His books and hundreds of articles, appearing in more than 20 different periodicals, have been published in the US, England, Spain, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, and Japan.  Angling travels, lectures, and instructions have taken him around much of the western hemisphere.  Ed is a widely published photographer, and consultant to several large fly tackle manufacturers.  Lefty Kreh calls Ed “the best teacher of fly casting I have ever known”.  He currently works as a consultant to Temple Fork Outfitters (Springbrook Trading Ltd.) testing and assisting with designing of rods and other products.  In 2005 he retired from Villanova University where, as a Classical Studies professor, he taught ancient Latin and Greek literature and Roman history for more than 40 years.  


Charlie Knight- Fishing for me began at the Jersey Shore and Belgrade Lakes Maine under my father's tutelage.  Fly-fishing came along many years later when a friend invited me to Pocono Lake for a fishing weekend.  I was "hooked" immediately!  The 2nd year I was fortunate - unfortunate enough to break my $9.95 Sears fly rod necessitating investment in my first acceptable rod, an Orvis fiberglass Fullflex - $100.  Wow, is this sport expensive.   Many rods later, I have fished many of our states including Alaska and Hawaii (peacock bass there).  Flown off to Belize, Mexico, Bermuda, Ireland, Virgin Gorda, Jamaica, Bahamas as well as a unique trip to Mongolia for Taimen, lenok and greyling with members Hill, Pitcairn and Grim.  I have probably fished over 100 of Pennsylvania's streams and consider Pennsylvania to be, if not the beat, one of the best trout fishing states in the country. 


Michael Kelly - My name is Michael Kelly 37 years old married with 4 children. I grew up in Bryn Mawr, PA and currently live in Towson,MD. I work at Kelly & Associates Insurance Group as Group benefits broker.  I learned how to fly fish in Whitefish Montana and thought it was the best thing in the world. I also quickly realized that Eastern fly fishing is VERY different than fishing out West. Now I mainly fish streams for trout on the Gunpowder River near Sparks, MD about 25 minutes outside of Baltimore. I aslo fish the Chesapeake quite often for Stripers in the Susquehanna flats as well as on the Eastern Shore. In addition I have fished Pulaski, New York for Steelhead and in Tampa, Florida for Redfish. I have aspirations to catch Tarpon but my lifelong dream is to fish in Alaska.


Walter King - I was exposed to fishing on family vacations we took in the Outer Banks. On those trips I lived for the deep sea charters and surf fishing. I’ll never forget Captain Dave, who was habitually angry at his customers for losing fish, or the 30 inch barracuda that almost took a bite out of my seven year old brother. It wasn’t long before I owned my own spin rod and was stomping around the Wissahickon every weekend. I can’t remember what exactly inspired me to take the dive into fly fishing, no one in my family or circle of friends had ever taken up the craft. However, by the age of twelve I had my first fly rod. Through books and painful hands on experience, I taught myself to cast and what flies to use, but it was still a year of tireless casting until I caught my first fish, a bluegill on the Wissahickon (a major success!). I’ve been at it ever since. I’ve had some good trips out to Colorado, Spring Creek, and the Jersey Shore, but to date I’ve been a true Philadelphia fisherman, for better or worse calling the Wissahickon and Valley Creek home. To me, fly fishing has always been about getting out there and a oneness with nature as much as it is about the thrill of the catch. I love the depth that fly fishing has to offer, from stream ecology to tying your own flies, there is a never ending learning process. I’m a recent college graduate and would like to spend much more of my time on the water. I look at the Anglers Club as a great way to meet people far more knowledgeable than myself and as an inspiration to get out there. Looking forward to it!


Charlie Knight- Fishing for me began at the Jersey Shore and Belgrade Lakes Maine under my father's tutelage.  Fly-fishing came along many years later when a friend invited me to Pocono Lake for a fishing weekend.  I was "hooked" immediately!  The 2nd year I was fortunate - unfortunate enough to break my $9.95 Sears fly rod necessitating investment in my first acceptable rod, an Orvis fiberglass Fullflex - $100.  Wow, is this sport expensive.   Many rods later, I have fished many of our states including Alaska and Hawaii (peacock bass there).  Flown off to Belize, Mexico, Bermuda, Ireland, Virgin Gorda, Jamaica, Bahamas as well as a unique trip to Mongolia for Taimen, lenok and greyling with members Hill, Pitcairn and Grim.  I have probably fished over 100 of Pennsylvania's streams and consider Pennsylvania to be, if not the beat, one of the best trout fishing states in the country.


Michael Lastowski - I grew up in an urban area and never had the opportunity to fish during my youth. It wasn't until I graduated from law school in 1980 that I decided to become a fisherman. I started to frequent Eyler's in Bryn Mawr and was soon fly fishing and fly tying. For a number of years, while a practicing lawyer, I tied flies commercially for Eyler's. As anyone who has a passion for fly tying knows, you can tie many more flies than you will ever use. I was paid "in kind" (i.e., with credits toward store purchases). I have fished a lot locally, at Valley Creek and Little Valley Creek. I have fished extensively in North Central Pennsylvania (e.g., Pine Creek, Slate Run, Cedar Run, etc.) I have also had the good fortune to have fly fished in upstate New York, Vermont, Maine, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and British Columbia. My children are now young adults and I once again have the time to devote to fishing and fly tying. I am interested in fly tying and learning about salt water fly fishing.


Betsy R. Miraglia- I started fishing when I was about ten in a creek near my house in Illinois, southwest of Chicago.  I used a stick, string, paper clip and night crawlers that I picked out of the road puddles after it rained to catch catfish in a local stream.  My next recollection was a fishing trip to Upper Michigan with my family.  I lived in a cabin for a week fishing everyday from a small motor boat with my parents and my younger brother.  I started salt water fishing in the mid-nineties in Stone Harbor, NJ where we have a summer home.  It was there that I realized how much I enjoyed fishing. While out west skiing later that year, I took some time off and walked into a fly shop in Aspen, CO.  I told them I had never gone "fly" fishing, had no equipment, but had just seen "A River Runs Through It" and I really wanted to learn how to fly fish!  After several years out there fishing while everyone else skied, I came back home and enrolled in the Orvis course in VT that spring and the rest is history.  I have been fly fishing, both wading and float trips, all over the country both fresh and salt water.  I fished for fun in the Martha's Vineyard Derby in 2005 with a bunch of girlfriends and won the Shore/All-Tackle class with an 8.75 lb Bonito, a large one to catch off the shoreline!


Ted McKenzie- I have been a golf professional for 50 years and a fisherman for 60.  I am a life member of Trout Unlimited and the Valley Forge chapter.  I am a member (32 years) of Bright Creek Park Assoc. a fishing club in the Poconos that was founded in 1890.  I have been a member of the Anglers Club for 25 years and served on the Board for two terms in the '90s and currently for the last 4 years.  I enjoy fishing for any species but most of all when my feet are in the water, whether ankle deep in a small mountain steam or waist deep in a Western river.  I have not yet experienced salt water with a fly, but am looking forward to it. 


Zach McWilliams - I currently live in St. Davids, PA with my wife, son (6 1/2 yrs), and daughter (5yrs old). I grew up in Radnor, PA, graduated from The Haverford School (K-12) in 1991, and attended Ohio Wesleyan University were I received a BA in Economics Management. I have a residential construction company that deals primarily with additions, kitchens, and home renovations to older Main Line area homes. I grew up bait fishing as a child locally, and began fly fishing in 1996 with a friend after college. We started out on Valley, Ridley, and Tulpehocken creeks in the Spring and that Summer we went out to Aspen, CO to fish the Roaring Fork and Frying Pan rivers. I would then spend time hanging around Eyler's Fly shop in Bryn Mawr learning what I could, and regularly fly fished many of the local streams (Valley, Ridley, French, and Pickering). I also made regular annual over night trips to Little Bushkill creek at the Bushkill Rod and Gun Club. In 2002 I took a trip out west where I first fly fished from a drift boat on the Snake river in Jackson Hole, WY and also fished some of the rivers and creeks in the Yellowstone area. In 2008 I was fortunate enough to go fly fishing (with my friend who got me started) for a week in the Patagonia region in southern Chile near the border of Argentina at a remote fly fishing lodge. We floated many different types and sizes of rivers, lakes, and hiked into some back country creeks. It was truly a great experience. I have also fly fished Deer Creek a number of times for the Spring Shad run. I have less salt water fly fishing experience, but have gone for stripers and blue fish on Long Island Sound in Connecticut, Nantucket, the Chesapeake Bay, New Jersey and Delaware beaches. I look forward to many more great fly fishing experiences and sharing them with my children.


Brad Morris - I grew up in North Carolina and got my exposure to fishing at an early age. Many of my weekends growing up were spent fishing with my Grandfather in both fresh and saltwater in North and South Carolina. Following college I had access to some fantastic fly fishing. I have spent a lot of time chasing down Rainbows, Browns and occasionally Brookies in the mountains of North Carolina. Following business school I spent five years in NYC and was lucky enough to spend some time with friends in the LI Sound hooking into schools of Blues and out in Montauk chasing down Stripers. My family has now been in the Philadelphia area for five years and I am anxious to get back out on the stream and spend time with fellow fly fishing enthusiasts.


Robert Paretta - Growing up we had a vacation home in Henryville, PA and I fished there since a child.  I have done all sorts of fishing in my life but over the last 42 years have fished almost exclusively for trout with artificial flies on a no-kill basis as a member of the Henryville Flyfishers.  One of the founders and former president of the Henryville Flyfishers was the late Ernie Schwiebert. He was a friend and fishing mentor. I fish mostly on the Henryville Flyfishers’ waters on the Paradise branch of the Broadhead Creek, but fish locally on White Clay Creek in DE and PA. I have fished from time to time on the Yellow Breeches and Clark’s Creek near Harrisburg, Pine Creek near Slate Run and Elk Creek near Erie, PA.  From 2004 through 2008 I made annual trips to Montana to fish the Big Horn River, and hope to return again soon.  Finally, in 2006 while vacationing in Italy my wife and I fly fished in Tuscany on the upper Tiber River near Sansepolcro. That was a most memorable experience. I would be happy to become associated with the Angler’s Club of Philadelphia to make new friends and share fishing experiences.


Douglas Randall - Over the years I fished from time to time, but about 22 years ago I started to seriously hunt trout with a fly rod. Now I try to fish every week. I love the beauty of the pursuit; it is a perfect thing to do.


Jamie Rantanen grew up an avid fisherman from birth, using bread and cheese in his frontyard creek in Strafford, PA to catch creek chubs and minnows and discovered trout fishing at the age of 8 on the Broadhead creek in the Poconos, with his father Jim and Uncle and cousins. Jamie began flyfishing around the age of 12 and set out with his father on many weekend day trips to the Little Bushkill at Resica Falls, and even more to the Little Lehigh in Allentown, PA. Jamie spent two summers in Northwest Ontario fishing and canoeing at age 14-16, and discovered a love for lake fishing at that time. Since age 16, Jamie has travelled on many trips to fly fish all over Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Several Canadian Provinces, The Bahamas, Ireland, and most Northeastern US states. Jamie is primarily found seeking Trout, Stripers and Albies, Bonefish, and Tarpon whenever time permits! Jamie joined as a member of the Anglers Club in 1996, and the board of the Anglers Club in 2002. He recently became President of the ACP in 2009, and currently serves today. Jamie and his wife Jackie live in Haverford, PA- and have two boys Graham and Grady who are avid and aspiring flyfisheman. Jamie’s current “home waters” are found in North East Pennsylvania in Wayne County, where he is a member of Creamton Flyfishing Club- and frequently rows his driftboat down the East and West branches and main stem of the Delaware River. 


Robert Robinson - Twenty six years ago I bought my first fly rod, it was a 7wt Redington combo. The first time I took it out I lasted all 2 hours before I threw it in my parent’s garage where it would sit for the next 6 years. I didn’t realize my enthusiasm for the sport until I was out on the Kettle Creek when I met a gentlemen who was fly fishing. After talking for a few minutes, he lent me a spare rod and reel and we spent the remainder of the day on the stream. Needless to say I was hooked. These days I prefer to spend my time fishing freshwater for trout. Up until this year I’d only been fishing with dry flies but I’ve been forcing myself to concentrate on nymphing techniques. I spend the majority of my time fishing in the Lehigh Valley area; spending time on the Pohopoco and the Lehigh River fishing the hatches in the evening. I get the most enjoyment from fishing smaller streams in search of native trout, but I am fortunate enough to have a small native stream behind my family’s cabin. My goal for this year is to spend time fishing streamers and getting out for some float trips.


John F Schlecter, Jr - I grew up in the Lehigh Valley and began fly-fishing at age 12.  A few years after that I began tying my own flies.  Through my younger years I fished mostly for trout on all the Limestone streams in the Valley, Little Lehigh, Monocacy, Saucon, Bushkill, and Cedar.  I know all these streams pretty well.  I joined the Bucks County Chapter of Trout Unlimited and was quite active there for a number of years including being Treasurer for about 12 years or so.  Through that membership I became interested in saltwater fly fishing and have fished the Jersey shore for stripers and blues, Massachusetts for the same, and Florida for various species including tarpon, snook and sea trout among others. A number of years ago, I became interested in streams in Central PA and recently purchased a property out there where my wife and I spend quite a bit of time.  My favorite stream is the Little Juniata River.  I have also fished numerous other streams in the area.


Peter Strid - After spending a significant amount of time fly fishing on the large rivers and small streams of Wyoming, I eventually settled down on the east coast where I sporadically fished were ever and whenever I had the chance. I relocated to Philadelphia after spending 10 years in New York City with my wife Trish and have been “back home” now for about 5 years. Trish and I met while attending Colgate University in Hamilton NY. We have 3 children, Pablo 7, Pilar 4 and Luca 2.5 and live in Wayne. Pablo enjoys spending time on the river and the others will soon follow, once they are old enough. I recently have become more interested in my painting hobby and typically paint subjects relating to fly fishing, specifically trout and flies. I look forward to two things in my fishing practice – the great people I meet and the adventures I will share with them.


Peter Thompson - I have had a true love of fly fishing for the past 45 years or so.  For all of this time, I have enjoyed fishing in the Poconos at Bright Creek in Canadensis PA.  However, I have had the good fortune of having fished in Labrador, Alaska, Iceland and many of the well know tail water fisheries out west.  As my fondness for the sport grew, my interest broadened to learning to tie flies and make rods.  Candidly, I have stopped making rods, but still enjoy occasionally tying. Just last year, my youngest son appeared to take an interest in fly fishing, so Santa was very kind to him this Christmas and he is well equipped to start more seriously this year.


Perry Teillon– I grew up in Berwyn at Leopard Lake so that my spinning rod was constantly in use.  It was not until I started a law firm in 1994 with several partners that I was introduced to fly fishing.  Beginning on Valley Creek and surrounding streams I eventually was introduced to Bright Creek and in 2001 became a member of the Bright Creek Park Association.  Peggy, my wife, has also taken to fly fishing and we have fished in Ireland, Scotland, Alaska and the West.  We now have a vacation house in the Adirondacks which has allowed me to explore the streams and rivers of upstate New York.  Peggy and I live in Devon and have three married children and three grandchildren.  Of the eight of us (children and their spouses) seven are fly fishers. Although I have done a little salt water fly fishing my true passion is to be on a mountain stream in June with trout rising to dries.


Charlie Wilmerding - I consider myself an avid fisherman in terms of attitude and desire, but not yet as skilled as others who would also consider themselves “avid”.  I grew up salt water fishing for blues, stripers, flounder, blackfish, and whatever else we could find in the waters around Fishers Island off the coast of Connecticut, with the occasional fly fishing trip to streams in the Poconos.  I also had the good fortune of occasionally accompanying my parents and grandparents salmon fishing on the Restigouche, Miramichi, and Anticosti as I was growing up. While I was starting my career, and Anne and I were busy raising our three kids, fishing took a back seat to other priorities.  But as the kids are now out of the house, we both have jumped back into it, especially fresh water fly fishing.  We are members of Pohoqauline, which is where we do most of our fishing these days, though we occasionally like to go bonefishing off of Andros and still fish on and around Fishers Island. 


Mike James began fishing at age 6 and fly fishing at age 10 under the tutelage of his grandfather, a profound influence on Mike’s fishing life and a link to a time when the “Great North Woods” were still largely untamed.  A doctor of renown, his grandfather was also a highly skilled woodsman and fisherman, and this combination of academic and hands-on skills is reflected in how Mike approaches fishing to this day.  Mike has found success fishing primarily with fly patterns of his own design and making, having developed many of these following in depth study of the naturals in the places he fishes.  He began experimenting with fly patterns as a boy for the trout, bass and pickerel at his family’s club and has continued to do so for the fresh and saltwater species he has encountered since that time.  Mike splits his fishing time more or less equally between fresh and saltwater gamefish, and has travelled from the Yukon to Andros Island and points in between to fish for them.  Frequent fishing destinations for him outside of the mid Atlantic states include Cape Cod and the Islands, Montana, Wyoming, Andros Island, Florida, Vermont, Maine and New York.  Mike’s current fishing passions include sight fishing for cutthroat trout, wading for bonefish, swinging streamers two handed to steelhead, false albacore, and fishing for native brook trout on unnamed mountain streams in the Northeast. 


Steve Ziegler- I was born in Bellefonte Pennsylvania in the shadow of the big trout weathervane on the Centre County Courthouse.  Fishing became a part of my life mostly because of the willingness of sunfish to take offerings suspended below a bobber strung to a bamboo pole and the willingness of my father to take me out even though he didn’t fish.  Fishing became a passion.  However, catching trout, what seemed to be the ultimate local challenge, remained elusive.  I experimented with tying flies based on the directions and illustrations in the Fishing Encyclopedia.  At the age of thirteen, after a few years of fishing for but not catching trout, I begged my mother to take me out on the last day of the 1967 trout season.  She read a book to my two brothers while I investigated the pools of Spring Creek.  I was fishing a fly I created with a black sewing thread body and a white thread rib with a white fur wing using a spin casting outfit.  That day I caught my first trout.  It was a 12 inch long brown trout, a monster in my eyes and I still have it today.   Since then and after much practice in the back yard I have fished with a fly rod for various warm, cold and saltwater fishes.  I have enjoyed many hours of tying flies to imitate the various things these fishes eat.  I have shared good times with my brother and many good friends around, in and on waters that hold fish.  I always return to trout streams and the cold moving water and the wonders they contain.  I have been an Anglers Club board member since 2009.